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 The Secret World PvP Gear Cheat

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Registration date : 11. 11. 13

PříspěvekPředmět: The Secret World PvP Gear Cheat   15.01.15 12:00

It's a good option to gear uo via PvP, currently PvE and PvP gear have the exactly same stats on them in The Secret World. So you are able to PvP and participate in a PvE instance and play as others who gained his gear from PvE. This is not bad because TSW is set up in its own way. similar as many other Massive Multiplayer Online Games, to purchase gear you need to gather tokens via PvP. these tokens in TSW are White Marks of Venice and Black Marks of Venice, you can gain both tokens through PvP instance.
You will be giving Black Marks of Venice from Stonehedge and El Dorado, and White Marks of Venice from Fusang Projects. We sell cheap TSW gold and offer fast delivery. Once your faction catches a Facility during Fusang Projects you will be rewarded the full faction and White Marks. White Marks of Venice can be earned through questing as well. The blue item is really cheap, just skip over it because better items can be easily purchased from other places. Get back to your command center and look for the PvP merchants. It's recommended that you turn back to New York where you will see PvP merchants and their list of all items. you can buy TSW gold and use a quick breakdown of the price of each item, all of them they are at high price and needs a lot of grinding.
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The Secret World PvP Gear Cheat
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