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 Maple Story Tips and Tricks

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In order to play well in Maple Story mmo game, you will want to find some good tips and guide before you start to play this game. MapleStory is a free, downloadable massively multiplayer online role playing game that currently has over millions of players since it was released. Below we will offer some good game tips and tricks to help you play well in game and enjoy more fun in game, the detail information is as the follow.

Try doing some quests, as they sometimes give you good, rare items. Even though quests often give you little experience, they are a good break from training all day long. Besides, understand the Hidden Potential system. Sometimes when Maple Story bosses drops equipment, the equipment may have a red border. You can go to a store and buy magnifying glasses. Use the glass on the equipment to get the potential. If you don't like the potential, you can use Miracle Cube and change the stats. If you're lucky, your item's potential may upgrade to the next tier. You may get free Miracle cubes from Hot Time or buy them in bulk in the Cash Shop.

Check Hidden Street for a list of items that are used for the "Exchange Quest." You may complete the quest as many times as you would like, and you receive 500 experience every time you complete it, along with some items. The monsters that drop the items needed for the quest are levels 33+, so be careful. When you are in a town, check the potion store for return scrolls so you don't have to travel all the way to that town again. Instead, double click the return scroll to be teleported to the respective town. Hope this maple story guide can do a great help for you.
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Maple Story Tips and Tricks
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