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 Things to Know Before Playing Aion

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Aion EU is a mmo game which is different than other MMORPGs that you might have played before. When you are new in this game, you may feel confused for many things and want someone give you some guide to play this game smoothly. In order to help you have a good start in this game, here we will share some guide and tips to get you off to a great start in this game.

Both starting areas have an end dungeon where players tend to converge. You're all after the same thing, so why not try a group on for size? It's as simple as a right click on another player and then clicking "invite," and you'll get through the dungeon content with far less risk. Despite the ominous warning you get when you seek to complete your ascension quest at level 9 or 10, you can speak to a teleporter to return to the starting area if you have quests to complete there. It's worth completing the ascension quest asap because of the new abilities you'll get in Aion online eu.

Have green items that you don't want or can't use? If you're long on cash and short on manastones, buy "extraction tools" from a General Goods vendor for 1,000 kinah (thanks for the clarification, Deluxion - also note that this is not a skill-based crafting item) to break down green weapons into special "enhancement" stones. Thankfully, Aion offers a nice amount of inventory space (i.e. your "cube") but should you find yourself running out of space, a cube vendor in the starting village will be glad to expand your cube. In order to play well in this game, you can use the help of aion cd key (EU). And the first upgrade is now pretty cheap.
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Things to Know Before Playing Aion
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